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Friday, January 30, 2015

Tennessee Bound - Country Inn and Suites, Tifton, GA

Country Inn and Suites Tifton, GA - Traveling Hound Approved!

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Georgia / Pet-Friendly Hotels off I-75

As we got ready to head to Tennessee this year, I felt much more confident in hitting the road. This being Bear's second trip to Tennessee I didn't have that fear, "would he do okay in the car?". However it still came to the great debate between my husband (Adam) and I as to do we drive straight through (him) or do we stay half way (me).....
......Like any good husband we stayed half way :)
Again being our second trip up there I had a better idea of the route to Tennessee, so we decided to stay at the Country Inn and Suites Tifton, GA, which is conveniently located right off of I-75. Country is was an easy choice this trip for several reasons. (Beside the fact that I work for Carlson and enjoy the employee discount).
One: Location, Location, Location This property is pretty much half way and is right off the interstate so it's very easy to access. There are also several restaurants in the area including Chili's, Logans, Applebees, and several drive through places too. I don't like leaving Bear in hotel rooms, so we chose drive thru at Zaxbys.
Two: I just love Country Inns. (please note last year at this time I was not a Carlson employee and still chose this hotel) These are by far my favorite hotels to stay at. The breakfast is always good and FREE. Plus I love the homey feel, and the consistency in amenities like free wifi, business center, ect... Country Inn Tifton however is an exceptionally great hotel. Both times I have stayed there the staff has just been above and beyond friendly. Both times I requested a first floor room because of the dog and both times they met my request. Because I work for hotels I know filling a floor request is really not a big deal but I experience half the time the staff doesn't really care to go out of their way to pre-block a room, so I appreciate them taking the time to this. ***Booking tip - Hotels can 90% of the time pre-block rooms, so if you have a special request or need a certain floor by an exit don't be afraid to be persistent. It CAN be done! ***
The only down side I find with the hotel is there isn't much room for Bear to do his business.
*** Booking Tip: Always, Always, Always call the hotel direct when booking. Usually if you ask if they can do better on the price they will lower more (about 10%). Most branded hotels (Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hilton, ect...) have a best rate guarantee so you know they are going to offer you a great rate. This also gives you the opportunity to make any requests and usually the front desk offers you some cool tips about the area.
Three: And most importantly THEY ACCEPT BIG DOGS! Finding pet-friendly hotels is easy, finding pet-friendly hotels that accept 150 pound dogs, not so much!

So with a good hot breakfast in our bellies (Bear enjoyed a sausage patty) we hit the road for Tennessee!